Monday, September 25, 2006

Winning start for Carver

Good job by Healy!! 2 goals in the opening 15 minutes, and Birmingham's keeper Tebily bundled the ball into his own net under pressure from Moore.

Leeds 3 - 2 Birmingham

UNITED: Warner, Kelly, Butler, Kilgallon, Crainey, Douglas, Derry (Stone 81), Nicholls, Lewis (Westlake 68), Healy, Horsfield (Morre 77). Subs: Sullivan, Foxe.

We're now in 18th position, come on keep it up!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Carver takes care taker role

John Carver has been appointed Leeds United caretaker manager following the departure of Kevin Blackwell.

The 42-year-old will be assisted by Dave Geddis and work in conjunction with technical director Gwyn Williams.

Carver, Blackwell's assistant, had a spell as Newcastle caretaker boss after Bobby Robson was sacked in 2004.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blackie Sacked!!

Leeds have finally sacked manager Kevin Blackwell after the club's uncertain start to the Championship season. No news on who will succeed him only rumours of the likes of Alan Curbishley, Glenn Hoddle and Kevin Keegan.,,10273~900366,00.html

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nicol retains British Open Title

A great performance from Nicol, worthy of her status as world number 1!! She beat Rachael Graham 9-1, 9-4, 9-1 in 40 minutes!!

"The only thing I was thinking about today was to try to get the ball away from my opponent and put her under pressure. This week was very hard, every match I had to make sure I was keeping the ball under control, it was hard work and I'm glad it paid off.

"Rachael is so experienced, she changes up a gear without you realising it, and focus-wise it's hard to stay in the rhythm as she breaks your rhythm up so much. I was just trying to keep going … and I won!

"It all started last year when I beat Rachael in Kuwait for the first time. You get the belief that you can win, and it all spins off from there.

"I learned so much last year, and this year it keeps getting more and more exciting all the time. For the past weeks I've also been training with Sarah, watching the way she plays, nobody plays her way, and the way she puts the pressure on like she does.

"This is another step for me, I 'm glad I kept pushing all the way and kept putting that extra pressure on.

"And if I 'm not making much sense at the moment. I'm sorry but I'm all over the place ... I just won my second British Open title !"

Leeds thru to the Carling Cup 3rd round

Phew!! thank god we pulled through...a 3-1 win over League Two Barnet. Goals from Ian Moore and Robbie Blake did the job....It was a different team altogether, Sully finally saw his second start of the season, Healy was rested etc. A good result to boost the morale :-)

Sullivan, Kelly, Foxe, Kilgallon, Crainey, Stone (Howson 76), Nicholls (Derry 66), Douglas, Lewis, Blake, Horsfield (Moore 43). Subs: Westlake, Carole.

Monday, September 18, 2006

On the losing trail....*sob sob*

United were beaten at Coventry!! And we're second from the bottom...this must be the worst position we're in, in many years!!

Coventry 1-0 Leeds

Mr Blackwell! what do you have to say about this?!

Warner, Kelly, Butler, Kilgallon, Crainey, Westlake (Blake 85), Gregan (Douglas 46), Nicholls, Healy, Horsfield, Carole (Stone 69). Subs: Lewis, Moore.

Personalized car number plate anyone?

JPJ/RTD will be introducing personalized car number plates soon, however be prepared to pay between RM60K toRM100K for the number 1, since its personalized it has to start with that, right?!

One will be able to use a combination of letters and digits for the personalized plates but these should not exceed 12 characters. And supposedly have two sets of plates — one for individuals and the other for corporations i.e. Maybank, TNB, etc. Rates for individuals would be similar to the current ones - special number plates. Corporations would have to pay more for the exclusive rights to the registration plate.

So have you thought of yours? I'm thinking along Horny Devil, Pimp, Gigolo *hahahaha!!* or Osama, anyone? Bush maybe? terrorist....the list goes on....since there's no mention of restriction :-)

Friday, September 15, 2006

New iPod Nano

Thinner!! New Colors!! supposedly brighter display, longer battery life - claimed 24 hours. Comes in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB models thats like 2,000 worth of songs!!

New iPod Shuffle

Its small something like 1.62" long and about half an ounce holds up to 240 songs - 1GB. Claimed to play continuously up to 12 hours.

Just clip it to your coin pocket, your bag,
etc. and play music

Microsoft Zune Player

Microsoft has finally revealed the specs of their Zune Player. The Zune comes with 30GB HDD, Wi-Fi capability, FM radio, a 3" screen and comes in black, brown and white.

A new hope.....

There's a new hope....only time will tell......


Thursday, September 14, 2006

last few shots

Yesterday's game was ok for everyone except me, I sucked big time, even Colin Sifu whipped me after 4 months break. Wasn't playing right, could run but just wasn't hitting rightColin, Dan, Gene and Roland

Dan, Gene and Roland...

Colin Sifu back for a week from Munich

More shots

Colin sifu

Gene and Colin sifu

more and more...

and more............

Shots from yesterday's squashy game

Roland and Dan

Gene and Colin Sifu (back for the week)

Roland and Dan again

From Championship Playoffs to Whipping Boys

What's going on?!! We're whipped again! This time by Roy Keane's boys...3-0 defeat...aaaaahhhh!!!! I cannot believe it..this has got to stop. We simply need to improve...aaahhhhh!!! 22nd spot $%@^@%^ aaahhhh!!!!!

Warner, Kelly, Butler, Kilgallon, Crainey, Stone (Carole 54), Douglas, Westlake, Lewis (Nicholls 46), Healy (Blake 63), Horsfield. Subs: Gregan, Moore.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Still on cloudy or haze?!

I'm still wondering, is this haze or just plain cloudy? no haze smell though but....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Barriers to get car loan

Happened to stumble on this article on Paul Tan's Blog (, it states that Banks have taken extra measures beginning two months ago checking the applicant’s credit ratings with 3 different sources before approving the loan.

Checks done by
- Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS)
from Bank Negara
- Credit Tip Off Service Sdn Bhd (CTOS)
Financial Information System (FIS) Sdn Bhd

discount...wait no discount...ehhh discount...

At first the PDRM announced there will be a discount in the fines (check out, then the Government said "NO". Now it says its back....helllooo?! can you make up your minds? they say there will be no reduction in compounds for five serious traffic offences – speeding, queue jumping, beating traffic lights, overtaking on a double line and driving on the emergency lane. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and PDRM had agreed that there should be no fine reduction on these offences, which posed a danger to other motorists.

Anyway the new rates are not out yet, JPJ and the police have 2 weeks to come up with the new rates for other offences which will be submitted to the Cabinet for is this the proper channel PDRM should have taken?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Schumi calls it quits @ the end of the season

Michael Schumacher will bring down the curtain on his glittering Formula 1 career at the end of this season.

"To make it short, this is going to be my last Monza race. At the end of this year I have decided together with the team that I’m going to retire from racing," he said. "It has been an exceptional, really exceptional time, what motorsport in more than 30 years has given to me."

Schumacher explained that the time had come to accept that his career, which has spanned more than 15 seasons, had a finite shelf-life.

His Career

Schumacher burst onto the F1 scene as a 22-year-old in 1991, qualifying seventh on his debut with Jordan at Spa.

His instant pace, and the awesome confidence with which he tackled F1’s most daunting circuit, immediately marked him out as a star of the future.

A year later at the same circuit, having been controversially poached by Benetton, Schumacher scored his maiden grand prix win in tricky wet/dry conditions.

His partnership with the Enstone-based squad yielded back-to-back world championships in 1994 and 1995 despite what was generally acknowledged as a car disadvantage to Williams rival Damon Hill.

But the manner in which he won the ’94 title – unceremoniously turfing Hill off the track after making an error at the previous corner – set the tone for a career that would be dogged by controversy and question marks over his sportsmanship.

Schumacher moved to Ferrari in 1996 and was joined at the end of the year by the tight-knit nucleus of key figures including Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne with whom he had formed a close relationship at Benetton.

Lost to Wolves 0-1

We lost yet again and at the very last minute again!!...this is beginning to look like a habit, what's going on?! We're at 16 spot right now...*sigh*

UNITED: Warner, Kelly, Butler, Kilgallon, Crainey, Carole, Douglas, Westlake, Lewis (Stone 83), Healy, Moore (Beckford 78) Subs: Sullivan, Gregan, Blake.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Pluto demoted...

After years of wrangling and a week of bitter debate, astronomers voted on a sweeping reclassification of the solar system. In what many of them described as a triumph of science over sentiment, Pluto was demoted to the status of a “dwarf planet.”

In the new solar system, there are eight planets, at least three dwarf planets and tens of thousands of so-called “smaller solar system bodies,” like comets and asteroids.

looks like we have to start changing all those text books and solar charts...and cut of pluto from the solar system model...

My Palm

My Palm Vx finally died on Wednesday, the battery was bad, the digitizer went haywire, etc. Thank god i can still manage to synchrnonize the information. And I also finally bought a replacement *the Palm Z22* else I wouldn't be able to retreive all the information. Its like my life is in it.

Infact this is my third Palm, my first was a Palm IIIx. I got it dirt cheap (like half the price) from Mr Yeo (ex-colleague from the ex-company), he was at a conference and they were offering this awesome package of a Palm IIIx and Vx @ half the price, he bought both and I bought over the IIIx from him. :-) this was back in 1998 I think.

And my second was even more awesome, I won it at a F5 seminar - a Palm Vx. At first I was reluctant to attend this seminar as there was a free viewing of Lord of the Ring - Twin Towers, arranged by HP @ TGV Sunway. I was actually at the HP event and got dragged to Sheraton Subang for the F5 event instead. Anyway it was a blessing in disguised, when Raymond Ooi announced my name that I've been drawn to win the Palm Vx. There were only four items up for grabs, 2 were Palm Vx and can't remember the other 2 (was too happy to remember what were the others). I think this is the only *real thing* I've won from a lucky draw so far. It felt good!!

And after so many years, depending it for almost every information there is, it was slowly dying..noticed it late last year. Couldn't decide which model to buy and since it was still working never bothered about it until the last few days. So yesterday without much hesitation decided on the Z22 instead of the higher models since I only needed it store information not to play MP3s or videos or take photos and a lot cheaper. Learned this from my digital camera dilemma days :-). And after charging for an hour or 2 (kenot tahan already), upgraded the Palm Desktop software and happily synchronize everthing into the Z22. And it works great! I'm so happy...

RIP PALM Vx for you have served well....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cloudy or Haze

Cloudy or Haze? You tell me...I can't tell the difference...

Summon Discount?!

The Police have lowered their summon rates ranging from RM10 to! it's like 15 to 75% discount. Rationale behind it, PAY UP INSTEAD OF BRIBING COPS.

Question! Do you think people will start paying the summons now since the rates are lower? I dunno, to me why most people rather bribe the cops because of the hassle of going to the police station to pay the summons, if thats the rationale (not that I bribe them but just my 2 cents worth :-) ). And to encourage more to pay their sumons thats a different matter altogether as some don't even care at all regardless of the rates in the first place...

maybe a small majority welcomes this lowered rates after all...we'll see...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Touts a problem

While I agree that touts are a problem not just to the tourism industry but to the people in Malaysia too. So how do you counter this problem? Arresting them won't help, new ones will emerge pretty quickly.

So why don't we legalised these touts? Licensed them. Let them set up a counter/booth @ KLIA to sell tickets/coupon for their services. Make sure they deliver the services they have promised i.e. spend personal time, bring to passengers to the best shopping areas, the explaination/sharing of Malaysia, etc. Do a periodic QC on them. ;-P

And give KLIA limo a run for their money. Just my 2 cents...

Old pals won't sit with him

Dr M says that his old pals are avoiding him, they won't want to get close to him or sit at the same table with him. I guess he's beginning to feel lonely.

And I'm not surprised either that they're avoiding him, with all the *hoo-haas* going on who wouldn't? You wouldn't want to step on someone's tail...

Well, I don't mind sitting with you, if you don't mind having a not so constructive conversation :-)

Mega Sale finally over...

Finally!! the mega sales is over...Have you managed to buy anything over the few weeks? As for me, I did not! why you ask? a few reasons I guess...nothing to buy, price wasn't right and the traffic.

The traffic is rather the major turn off. Firstly, it takes almost an hour to get into the mall, then another half an hour to 45 minutes to look for a parking lot. Once in the mall, there's payment counter traffic...*sigh*

And for the price matter, aside from the genuine mega sales outlet some of these shops are out to do a quick buck. On a normal day, they sell their goods at 20-30% off the suggested retail price trying to be competitive - they tell you its their normal price. And during the sales period, they provide 10-20% discount off the suggested retail price and they heavily advertise it. Consumers that don't do their research will think its a good buy but hey! you might be able to get a better bargain after the sales... :-)

and speaking on sales and seems malaysians' favourite past time is shopping or *lepaking* at the mall...even Richard and Shaz from confirms this...the other favorite past time is eating :-) and as their question, what else can we do besides shopping and eating on weekends?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Another bites the dust

Its another sad day today! Mr Sak has finally call it day after what?! 6 years? I think he's tolerated that much for the past 2 years. Anyway, I'm glad he chose his path.

All the best in your future undertakings, Mr Sak!! Do keep in when will be our next Bah Kut Teh session? Sit Ubu sit, good dog...


I say, how many things can you do while you're driving? normally we can talk on the phone and drive, eat and drive, that's 2 things at once most of the time.

An article in The Sun - A saleswoman in Geneva was caught driving while using her notebook and chatting on the phone, they didn't mentioned if the notebook was on the lap or if she's using any handsfree though but hey thats quite a daunting task especially with a notebook. Its like how do you type on the keyboard and operate the mouse? When caught she said, "I was driving like I always do". :-)

With the spirit of "Malaysia Boleh!", how many things do you think, can a Malaysian do at once? Too many I assure you :-D