Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rukun Negara

The Five Principles

Maka kami, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut:

  1. Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
  2. Kesetiaan kepada Raja Dan Negara
  3. Keluhuran Perlembagaan
  4. Kedaulatan Undang-Undang
  5. Kesopanan Dan Kesusilaan

English Version

We, citizens of Malaysia, pledge all our energy and efforts to attain these ends guided by the following principles:

  1. Belief in God
  2. Loyalty to King and Country
  3. Supremacy of the Constitution
  4. The Rule of
  5. Mutual respect and good social behaviour.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lotus Restaurant buys Mint Hotel

Did you know that Lotus Restaurant owns and operates a 2 star hotel in Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman? All I know was the banana leaf rice restaurant that they have around town. They have been operating this hotel for 2 years now. Latest news is they have bought over Mint Hotel a 3 star hotel along the KL-Seremban highway for RM 25 Million. cool huh?!

So roti canai for breakfast, banana leaf rice for lunch and what's for dinner? :-)

*Village* Massage

Happened to follow a car this morning on the way to work, it was a black Proton Saga Iswara Hatchback. Didn't pay much attention to it until something caught my eye - on the back windscreen. It was like *wow!* not only do they advertise on taxis and buses but on cars too. Normally you'll see car stickers of Unis, Audio companies, Car tune-ups, etc. but no! not this had a *kampung* (village) massage ad. Came in to office, launched my Firefox and it is...

what i found out...a 100% man to man traditional massage with a malay, thai and western twist. claimed to relieve pain and enhance relaxation and senses. and at the end of the first page.
Dealer for the products - Trebest, Jade Ring and Maca to treat impotency, Pysupergel for premature ejaculation and Tapa Leech Oil for smoothing blood circulation of the penis. *muahahahahah!!*

a bit more adventurous I went to the price page, what do i get? Manhood Theraphy (urut tenaga batin) for RM100 per treatment...muahahahahahah..of course there's other treatments :-)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Clear skies once again?

How long will the clear skies last? Longer i hope...

An away win!!

Yes!! An away win for Leeds, they beat Sheffield Wednesday thanks to a Healy penalty..woo hoo!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Haze is DEFINITELY Back

The Haze is definitely back..check out these pix taken this morning along Federal Highway

Some more Squash Pix

Dan serving

Dan serving again

Dan and Roland in action

New Squashy Pix

It's been sometime since I last posted on the squashy are some pix
Gene and Roland

Dan and Roland

Gene and Roland again

Leeds Wins!!!

Yes!! A win @ Elland Road. Bakke grabbed the winner to secure a win for Leeds against Chester in the first round of the Carling Cup

Leeds 1 Chester City 0

Leeds Line-up
: Sullivan, Richardson, Gregan, Foxe (Kilgallon 89), Crainey, Carole, Bakke, Westlake, Lewis, Blake (Healy 89), Beckford (Moore 75).Subs: Howson, Rose.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The No 12

More from no 12 - part 4

The Dining, Kitchen and a little bit of window

The Kitchen and Dining area

The dining and hiving hall (a bit dark thanks to the BenQ-Siemens S88)

More from no 12 - part 3

front of no 12

Living hall

Staircase from ground floor

More from no 12 - part 2

2nd room

Staircase from the middle

Staircase from the top

From No. 12

From the balcony (a different angle)

master bedroom toilet ( a bit small dun you think?)

Master bedroom

2nd consecutive lost

This is like becoming a habit, isn't it?! hello?! we have to stop this losing streak and start collecting the precious points to have an automatic promotion to the EPL next season.

And the worst habbit is letting in goals late in the games *sigh*

Leeds 0 - Cardiff 1

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lost to Crystal Palace!

AAHHHHH!!! Leeds lost to Crystal Palace!! A goal in injury time and Leeds playing with 10-man over 70 minutes after Horsfield's red card. *sigh*

Thursday, August 10, 2006

HGF stories from my mom-in-law...

Got this story from my mom-in-law (MOL) a couple of days ago. She got this from her buddies. (btw she's one of those who goes to the temple pretty frequent).

So the story is that the bro-in-law (of my MOL's buddy) was resting at home. Suddenly he felt like someone or something strangling him. He opened his eyes and saw no one, tried to shout for help but no voice came out. My MOL's buddy happened to be there at that time saw this and was figuring what he was trying to do. She then realised and tried to free him, after a couple minutes he manage to be get himself free and they noticed hand prints - bruises like round his neck. The next best thing to do (as always for them!!) was to consult the medium. The medium claimed a spirit had entered the house and was trying to find a *replacement*. My question to my MOL was, the spirit should not have entered the house since they have the buddha idol and gods in the house (trying to be smart lar!). She answered, it came from the back of the house since there's no god there.....duh!!!

According to the medium, this year's spirits are pretty aggresive and hostile. and then i read the NST, it states that the food offering this year has not been good as people have cut down on the budget allocation for this event (biz has not been good).

To me, no wonder they're aggresive and hostile, there's not enough food to go around :-)

Awesome evening sky...

Camera : Nokia 6101 (sorry again, didn't have my Coolpix with me)
Apperture : unknown
Speed : unknown

Venue : NKVE between Subang and Shah Alam Interchange
Date : 10/08/2006 (Wednesday)
Time : 19:26

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

we drew...

Leeds were denied a second win after Queens Park Rangers grabbed a last-minute goal to earn a 2-2 draw at Loftus Road. *sigh*

Monday, August 07, 2006

Home sweet home

No. 12

the front

the backyard

from the balcony

the alarm box

and the street...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

RM68K for a piece of charcoal?

Would you pay RM68,000 for a piece of charcoal ("black gold" in Chinese), only to burn it to ashes later? - thats what was asked in the NST, as we have somemore *interesting* stuffs on the HGF .

It seems that a businessman in JB was willing to pay this sum in return for showers of divine blessings and the promise of prosperity throughout the year. hmmm....

I didn't know there's such traditional ritual takes place during the HGF, where the people are invited to bid for these *auspicious items* at a grand auction, with proceeds going to charity. Which charity btw is this?

Auspicious items include mandarin oranges, rice buckets, urns for offering incense, statues of the God of Fortune and the "Cake of Wealth". ehhh?!

And ever wonder how much are the bids? — RM8,000 for five mandarin oranges, RM68,000 for a piece of charcoal ("black gold"), RM200,000 for a Chinese banner with decorative lanterns and a massive RM600,000 for an urn. wah liao!!!! i mean double wah liao!!!!!

And to top it off, we mentioned in the previous blog, that we should not travel, move house and get married. The new one is not to have surgery too!! but I have to do a heart by-pass leh?!

Some other new info is that the 15th day of the seventh month, which falls on this coming Tuesday, is the big day when families pray together for their dearly departed, visiting ghosts and spirits as well as deities. Family members prepare ritualistic offerings of food and burning of hell money (have you seen the new ones? it looks like our ringgit!! :-D ) and other items like paper cars and handphones or whatever the family believe the dearly departed or others would need.

The highlight of the HGF is the Po Doh (salvation) banquet, which is held any time during the month to treat the roaming visitors from the netherworld. It usually runs for over three days. something new to me again.

Home Hat-trick for Nicol

A big woo-hoo for Nicol as she secures her hattrick of titles when she bagged the Hotel Equatorial Penang Open. Playing in her first competitive event in her hometown since winning a record second World Junior Championship title five years ago, she did not disappoint her home fans who turned up to show support for their local hero, defeating Rachael Grinham in just under an hour.

"Victory didn't come easy. The court was very bouncy and Rachael was determined not to lose without a fight.

"She seemed to have an answer to every one of my shots, I simply have to work harder.

"After winning the first two games, I lost focus in the third, similar to what happened in the semi-final yesterday.

"In the fourth, I regained my composure and got into rhythm and this time Rachael started to make mistakes. I capitalised on her mistakes and raced to accumulate points and tried to finish the match as fast as possible.

"This win has helped strengthen my leadership in the world rankings, though not all that drastically.

"But what is most meaningful for me is that the Penang Open has been recognised by WISPA for the first time. It’s an honour to win here, especially in front of our home fans."

Nicol David

1st win of the season...

Another Woo Hoo!!! A goal from Healy earned Leeds an opening-day-of-the-season victory over Norwich City at Elland Road.

A great start to the season...

Leeds 1, Norwich 0

Leeds boss Kevin Blackwell:
"What this win does is refocus the lads on this season again.

"We're up and running now. Whether it exorcises the ghost completely I don't know, that remains to be seen.

"But what it does do is let the lads know that if they start feeling sorry for themselves it will be a very long and hard season."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nicol wins!!

wooh hoo, the squash darling of Malaysia wins again!! World No. 1 here we come...

David started very well at a fast pace, and Bailey had trouble keeping up with it. She raced to a 7-1 lead in no time but Bailey continued to fight. Serve changed hands several times at 7-2, David dropped another two points and the first game in the bag after 18 minutes.

The second saw David starting well as well, and she seem to have shrugged off her 'slow starting syndrome'. She led 3-0 and 4-1, then handed over the lead to Bailey at 6-5. After that, Bailey only got one more serve as the Malaysian strolled home to take a two game lead.

Many had thought the third would be a quick affair, especially when Bailey looked drained at the end of the second game, but I was so wrong. David somehow slowed down the tempo, allowed Bailey back into the match and Bailey certainly didn’t waste her chance.

The fourth was much closer and Bailey was certainly looking very tired, especially towards the end. She was in a 5-3 lead and a shot into the tin allowed David to come within a point. But she then killed off David’s serve with a slam into the nick. Bailey began to play more aggressively and attacked a lot more, even though she looked tired. She hung on and finished the game with a forehand volley into the nick.

The fifth was all David and a visibly tired Bailey could only offer minimal resistance.

The win caps off a great start to the season for Nicol David, who will also start next month as the world number one.

Tania came back strong and didn't let me get on the T. She started to play her fast game very well and I found it difficult to get refocused but in the last game I knew I had to make her work hard and take some pressure.

"I used the positive energy of the crowd to pull me through and I am delighted to have won in front of all my family, friends and supporters."

Nicol David

more updates on HGF...

The NST reports more on the HGF :-)

It reports that not only people shy away from weddings, they would avoid moving house and not plan a holiday at a beach resort. In Hong Kong, the people will try not party to wee hours in the mornings.

In Taiwan, property and car sales usually enter a lull period during the festival, prompting retailers to provide generous offers or discounts to try to boost sales by appealing to the younger generation which is less superstitious.

And on the beach going holidays, some people claimed that they might be captured by ghosts in the water. :-D

But the Singaporean are the best since its the best time to hunt for lucky numbers to play the "4-Digits" (4D) lottery.

"People will often use this chance to ask ghosts for lottery numbers," said Lee Inn Peng, a Taoist medium who has been practising for 21 years. "These people are desperate, and will try anything. Sometimes they are at the graveyards with talismans, burning offerings asking for numbers."

A draw?

Leeds United's final first team friendly ended in a 1-1 draw at Grimsby thanks to a second half equaliser from Eddie Lewis. hmmm...what's going on here?

Leeds' 1st 11 - Ward, Richardson (Madden 65), Bonasel (Camfield 77), Gregan, Benscheidr, Einarsson (Hird 56), Asaba (Gardner 46), Bayly, Beckford, Moore (Garra 56, Howson 84), Lewis (Morris 65). Subs: Wilberforce.