Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 4 of Reno

Back yard dug out

another dug out

dry kitchen and dining hall...sorry it was dark...and what can expect from a Nokia 6300?

front garden
another angle of the front garden..or what it used to be a garden :-)

Red FM 104.9

Here's a plug for David Chew....

I was at my companies off-site event with partners in Guoman PD last week. And there, was this emcee fella David Chew whom i have never met before...and he was good at what he's doing...anyway some colleagues of mine said "you dunno him?" "...how can you not know him?" I was like....am I suppose to know him??!! ehh......

Then it hit me, he was one half of the morning crew (6.30am-10am) of the Red FM 104.9 (www.red1049.com.my) with Nell Ng...well, to tell you the truth I've not been *really* tuning into Red FM much (so still dunno who this guy is), I was more of the Mix and Lite guy...but Red FM has always been set in the car stereo along with other channels :-). And what can i say about him, he's nice, funny, humble, down to earth, etc. fella...and i got to know him a little better after a few rounds of chat..

So yesterday and this morning, i tuned into Red FM (i mean really tuned in....) and to my surprise they play my kinda music, a real mix of everything..80's, 90's, slow, fast, you name it....and the topics are *interesting*....today's topic was *to bring or not maids from China*...hahaha!! Anyway, along with Nell, they make a good combo...and to show my support for David, from now onwards Red FM 104.9 will have a share of my air time.

BTW, David if you're reading this....I still don't think i've met you before the PD thingy...probably I just have a common face :-)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 2

what used to be the dry kitchen

Wet Kitchen

backyard...kitchen extension

backyard shot 2

backyard shot 3

Renovation of my place has begun

Day 1

Main Hall


Another shot of staircase

Hall on the 1st floor

2nd room on the 1st floor

3rd room on the 1st floor

Master bedroom

Saturday, May 05, 2007

the living and the dead...

I'm one of those interested in the Paranormal...not that i have seen any, don't remember i did..just interested...one of the new topics is a go-between the living and the dead...i happened to experience an event similar to this a couple years back in Seremban, this old lady aka a medium would go into a trance and supposedly let her body be used as a communication tool..can't really remember the details...was kinda skeptical at that time....well....


I will follow you....

Seen the ad? aren't they cute the yellow coverage fellow....and thank god i use Digi :-) ...i love the most recent ad...the one in the cinema...it really reminds you to switch OFF your phones or set it to SILENT mode...PEOPLE!!! shame on you.....

anyway back to the YCF (thats what they known for short!!), its Digi's way of saying "covering the best they can where ever you may be...pretty cool idea..and it has a lasting effect too..also heard YCF just launch their own album...its like wow!! but haven't seen it my self....infact they have their own blog Yellow C Fellow.

and do check out their videos on YouTube

Do you have an Astro at home?

Who doesn't? Most people do (thats more than 2 million subscriptions!!!)....the question should be, do you get the chance to watch any channels on Astro when you have 3 kids age 1-6 hogging on channels 60 to 63 (thats nickelodeon, disney channel, cartoon network and playhouse disney for those of you who don't subscribe to this FUN package)

and now they want to raise the subscriptions?! yeah yeah they've added in 9 new channels...then again...i'm not into Sun Music or the tamil channels!! and its park in the VARIETY package..wah liao!!! i'm paying for some channels i don't even watch at all...and they're gonna increase from 5 to 15 bucks per month..i wonder how much mine's gonna be? niamah!!! as Patrick Teoh says..


did you know? i didn't....

Did you know that you can be fined RM300 for obstructing or not moving aside for the ambulance and fire engines? i didn't know that...i only know that you are not being considerate and risking people's lives for not moving aside....shame on you!!! yeah you!!!...also tailgating the ambulance and fire engines is sick..saw this a couple of times on the Federal Highway.

to top it off....now you have to move aside for the police outriders too, supposedly those leading VIPs convoys....to me..its ???????? excuse me i'm in a hurry too.


gloomy day....will it for the better future?

Elland Road, Friday, 4th May 2007, 15:15, Leeds United was placed under Administration (which means automatic 10 points deductions from the current Championship aka down to League 1 guaranteed next season!!!)

Its a sad day....a very sad, sad day...a bright side, Leeds will not be burden by the financial problems anymore (touch wood!!)

We must unite together behind the club and take on all those in front of us - a beginning of a new era!!!