Tuesday, July 24, 2007

other updates

they changed the cooker hood outlet...from those PVC to this stainless steel...I heard the boss had long gold locks with a dragon tattoo on the arm..look like big time taikor...but he says this is the *IN* thing

and they have begun painting the wall...almond white and banana toffee

Wall Tiles

the dry kitchen wall tiles..partially up...still missing some mozaics...did i spelt it right?

the other wall

the wet kitchen wall tiles also partially up...

the staircase is completed though..

Ground floor tiles

foundation on the floor before laying the tiles...

tiles laid..

the other angle...

can see the dining hall and dry kitchen laid too....

he's laying the staircase tiles...don't ask me why there's 2 colors...was my ID's suggestion to have that glamour look...

some reno updates finally

Didn't have the time to upload the pictures..also didn't have the time to go to the site to see the progress...anyway finally some new pixthe 2nd room on the 1st floor tiles are completed

so is the 3rd room too...

the living hall on 1st floor with skirting complete
the other angle of 3rd room

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tiling started

the guy is doing on the 1st floor living hall...

the completed tiles...

his workmanship is quite good...

done one more piece

another guy working on the rooms

piping for my water filter

i'm not getting water co or hydro or some rocket...some other model...

Monday, July 02, 2007


gas tank...

1st floor back toilet

master bedroom toilet

ground floor

Plaster Ceiling...

dining hall

master bedroom

living hall

living hall..different angle

dry kitchen