Thursday, March 29, 2007

Event update...

Here's the update on the 1st product event....

It went on fairly well, the crowd did turn up despite heavy downpour at 1.30pm...we were rather worried about the crowd...but atlast it was ok...started almost on opening by my boss' boss, then the vision *thingy* by my boss' boss' many bosses huh!! :-) then it was my boss' turn to present on the products etc. of course some introduction about me the break came..i think the food was ok...most of the food was gone except for the chicken wings...dunno didn't had any..was busy entertaining partners...and the event when on till 5+.

Btw did I mentioned? my former boss was there too...of course i extended the invitation to him but never thought he would come...i suspect he's spying on me to see if I'm doing ok at the new place. :-D anyway I appreciate his presence!!

And some last former boss was picked for the best lucky draw a RM1k+ Mont Blanc pen, unfortunately he had already left for an appointment..and who got the pen? my ex-colleague did!! what a coincidence...hey!! i didn't have anything to do with this!!!

Hell Hole....

Have got a friend, who's getting out of a hell hole to another hell hole...the new hell hole pays well, have good perks compared to old hell hole...more over the old hell hole is beginning to be very used to be a great place to work but in recent times, its becoming a real hell hole..more over at the old hell hole, you couldn't move anywhere, the partners claim they're afraid of upsetting the bosses the career advancement is*sigh* you get the drift.

Now about the new hell isn't that bad actually...just have to manage the bosses (they're nice if you know how to manage them), do your work accordingly, be on time and survive 18 months...its not that bad...i survived it!! and when times up, you're welcomed back to the world with more choices than before..moreover how can you get a MNC in your resume that easily :-)

so you tell me, is it a good deal?!

*the above blog is not to burn any bridges...but speaking from experience


Today is my first product event by the company (I wasn't really involve in the planning though) and they are going to launch some new products and introduce the business partner programs, etc. My Singapore boss says its my show...wonder what he meant by that?...ah....its the show to introduce me to the market....I sure hope the turn out will be good..keep me fingers crossed...else the market won't know me...hahahaha

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Been busy lately till have no time to blog....frens have been complaining since there's no update from me on what i've been up to lately......patience....I'll be back...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

French Spidey....

Alain Roberts has done it again...btw, who's Alain Roberts? he's the guy who scaled one of the Petronas Towers 10 years ago, not so successful only up to the 60th floor only to be arrested by the police...and he has done it again with out any ropes, up to the 60th floor on the other tower before been busted by cops yet again..and he did it in less than half and hour...what a feat..and to top it off, he waved the jalur gemilang while up there...

and somehow he managed to slip the security guards yet again....hmmmm


Sniff...sniff...nope ori...nope another ori...sniff sniff...ah...this one fake copy....this is what these Labradors Retrievers are capable of doing...sniffing out fake optical disc..the Malaysian Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry decided to bring Lucky and Flo from Northern Ireland...

The minute they were brought into action, they manage to sniff out copies of disc in a car park, with that they managed to sniffed out RM10million worth of optical disc.

And now they're wanted DEAD by the syndicate bosses following the successful raid.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

they call her enegizer bunny.....

She's done it again and made Malaysia proud...who's that you ask? Nicol David of course, she is unbeaten in 31 matches...she beat Natalie Grinham in 102 minutes 6-9, 9-3, 9-6, 7-9, 9-6.

so near yet so far

We were denied a penalty towards the end of the game...we could have won the game...unfortunately...a share point at Southend...a goal from healy. Will we survive the fall? so far 3 games gone unbeaten...

United: Ankergren, Richardson, Heath, Michalik, Robbie Elliott, Blake (Healy 82), Kishishev, Douglas, Lewis (Moore 64), Cresswell, Kandol.Subs Not Used: Stack, Crainey, Carole.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

check out this fishy card trick

Shared points...

It was a point each Leicester...Blakey got a goal up at half time but to have Leicester level 30 seconds later....sigh...what do you think? can we survive?

United: Ankergren, Richardson, Heath, Michalik, Armando Sa, Blake, Kishishev, Douglas, Carole (Thompson 59), Cresswell, Johnson (Healy 44), Thompson (Moore 72).Subs Not Used: Robbie Elliott, Kandol.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

RM 1.4M to RM 2.8M

According to Financial Expert (source the NST), we need atleast RM 1.4 million to RM 2.8 million to retire comfortably (with our current lifestyle that is) with good health at the age of 55. Hey!!! I'm way off the RM 1.4 million mark and have 20 years left to try to earn this....huge tasks don't you think?

Monday, March 12, 2007

A life line....

Cresswell gave Leeds a life line...a solitarie goal against Luton was a very important win for Leeds!!!
United: Ankergren, Richardson, Heath, Michalik, Lewis, Carole (Armando Sa 88), Douglas, Kishishev, Blake (Moore 90), Johnson (Healy 85), Cresswell. Subs Not Used: Stack, Kandol.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm finally back...

Yes!! I'm finally back after a long break...started a new job, Leeds lost all their games *sigh*, Chinese New Years what else is new?