Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busted right foot...out for 2 days

got my right busted...dunno what happened...doc said could have pulled some tendon...you never know...its very *padat* in there...so limping around...thank god for the pain killers and it help to reduce inflamation too...didn't see the swelling, can't see it...looks normal not like those *bengkak* like tomato type....so out of action for 2 days since yesterday...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Still in League One next season.....

ahhhh!!!!!!! we lost @ Wembley to Doncaster and doom for another season in League 1...nothing to say.....

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Huntington, Michalik, Johnson, Kilkenny, Howson, Douglas, Prutton (Kandol 69), Beckford, Freedman (Hughes 77).
Subs Not Used: Lucas, Marques, Sheehan.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Def Leppard's new album - Songs from the Sparkle Lounge

Def Leppard's 1oth Studio and 14th overall album is out in stores...

  1. Go
  2. Nine Lives
  3. C'mon C'mon
  4. Love
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Cruise Control
  7. Hallucinate
  8. Only the Good Die Young
  9. Bad Actress
  10. Come Undone
  11. Gotta Let It Go

Def Leppard's Nine Lives Official Video

Friday, May 23, 2008

Looks like the haze is back...yes? no?

Don't you think the haze is back? but no smell leh...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

80's Cartoons

Remember the good ol' days...5pm you stuck your face in front of the tele?

Friday, May 16, 2008

yes...thru to the next round play-offs

we're thru to the next round of play-offs!!! woohoooo.....an away 0-2 win at Carlisle resulted an aggregate of 2-3 to us.....2 goals from Howson made it!! now one more step back to the Championship!!!

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Huntington, Michalik, Johnson, Kilkenny, Howson, Douglas, Prutton, Beckford, Freedman.
Subs Not Used: Lucas, Marques, Carole, Kandol, Hughes.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

can we do it...

can we do it?....with a 1-2 lost at home to Carlisle, its a daunting task to play 2nd leg at Carlisle..note that they have the best home record this season...a late goal from freedman gave us a slight hope of advancing to the next round...stay tune for leg 2 on 15/05...

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Huntington, Michalik, Johnson, Prutton (Carole 78), Douglas, Howson (Hughes 90), Kilkenny, Beckford (Kandol 58), Freedman.
Subs Not Used: Lucas, Marques.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kam...in your face

Was at *Kam...In Your Face* yesterday at The Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre…its a musical-comedy-cabaret...some song and dance, stand-up comedy by you know who...Kam Po Po and skits with a generous amount of local wit & humour, a spoonful of intellect a dash of *Bollywood* too, a splice of rock n roll and disco, loads of fun and just enough of risqué stuffs..the stand up was good...the acts boleh-lah...the tickets are costly though...

Joanne Kam, Douglas Lim, Susan Lankester, Fang Chyi, Ina Fabregas, Ho Soon Yoon, Malik Taufiq, Ash Nair & Gavin Yap

ps: there was a dancer with damn huge boobies..

to nuvi or to HP

not only there's too many GPS brands, there's just too many models too

nuvi 200
or nuvi 200w
or nuvi 760
or HP's iPAQ Travel Companion 300

Monday, May 05, 2008

its been awhile....

someone was complaining....why is my blog all about Leeds United...and nothing else...yup...its true...haven't been writing for properly for awhile...all i could do was update on Leeds' turbulent ride in the League One championship...anyways i'll be out of news to write on Leeds, the season is at the end...its now the play-offs, its a do or die to promote back to the Championship league or stay back at League One...

enough said...its just been a busy 6 months...a deal that just drive me up the wall and couldn't do anything else...and its still driving me up the wall..almost the ceiling now...thats why din have time to write or even to think of what to write...and also had a mental blockage for awhile too...

whats been happening...
1) been having this cough that wouldn't go away...got rid of the cold though
2) try not to stay at Primula Hotel Terengganu if you happen to go there...just don't like the vibe
3) been up to Genting so many times the past 3 months...more than the past 34 years accumulated
4) went to Bangkok for some training, biz drilling and partner event..Pullman Hotel is cool!!!
5) got me self a new phone...not the iPhone i wished for...but the 6500 slide will do...
6) my notebook motherboard died...was offline for a couple days...the most boring days...
7) transfered from one dept to another
8) the Camry just arrived...whats else? hmmmm

anyways....the next 6 months should be more productive...

2-1 win and now the play-offs...

a final 2-1 win at home against Gillingham...the last game of the season...goals from Johnson and Kandol..and now to focus on the play-offs against Carlisle on 12th May (home) and 15th May (away)

Leeds: Ankergren, Gardner, Michalik, Huntington, Sweeney (Carole 60), Prutton, Douglas (Delph 76), Hughes, Johnson, Kandol, Elding (Marques 90).
Subs Not Used: Lucas, Thompson.