Sunday, December 30, 2007

Song of the hour

Apologize by Timbaland featuring One Republic, year 2007

Crash at Swansea City

Crashed!!! auugghhhh....a 3-2 defeat at Swansea...we weren't good enough for a late equalizer this time around...even against a 10-men for almost an hour....still at 3rd place...

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Howson (Prutton 40), Hughes, Thompson, Westlake (Flo 68), Carole (Weston 77), Kandol, Beckford.
Subs Not Used: Huntington, Kishishev.


I was listening to my MP3 player and came to an old boy band song...and i was like wow!! this song has been around for a long time...and it got me wondered, how many boy bands do i know? how many of them are still around? from the US? europe? it got me thinking and....

  1. New Kids on the Block aka NKOTB, US
  2. Westlife, EU, still around
  3. Take That, EU
  4. Boyzone, EU
  5. Backstreet Boys, US, still around
  6. NSync, US
  7. 3T, US, related to MJ
  8. New Edition, US
  9. LFO, US
  10. All-4-One, US
  11. Color Me Badd, US
  12. Bell Biv Devoe, US
  13. Human Nature, Aust
  14. Boyz 2 Men, US, still around
  15. 911, EU
  16. Another Level, EU
  17. Hi-Five, US
  18. Big Fun, EU
  19. 4PM, US?
  20. Az Yet, US
  21. Blue, EU
  22. Busted, they count?
  23. Natural, US
  24. Bros? EU, they count too?
  25. O-Town, US
  26. No Mercy, US
  27. East 17, EU
  28. Son By Four, US
  29. Jodeci, US
  30. Five, EU
  31. 98 Degrees, US
  32. A1, EU
  33. Shai, US
  34. BB Mak, EU?
  35. Code Red, EU
  36. Brother Beyond, of my fav
  37. Jackson 5, US, they should count...even though the term boy band didn't start till NKOTB
  38. Menudo, US, another old timer...
  39. After 7, US
  40. Shai, US
Just too many...thats only the English bands..not including Japanese, Chinese, Korean or even Malaysian (KRU, 4U2C, Nico, Poetic Ammo, Too Phat to name a few)...and girl bands too....BTW, the song i was listening to....was Valentine Girl by NKOTB...brings back lots of memories...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

shared point @ Hartlepool

Again we made it late to equalise...a last minute goal by Beckford help secure an away point...with the away single point..we top of League one!!! but for a few hours only that is...

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton (Carole 57), Howson, Westlake (Flo 77), Beckford, Kandol, Kishishev (Thompson 57).
Subs Not Used: Huntington, Constantine.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way....



Sunday, December 23, 2007

almost there....

yee haaa!!! a win at Elland Road over Bristol Rovers...a goal by took a while though for the goal to come....we're now third and knocking on automatic promotion door...

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton (Carole 65), Thompson, Westlake (Flo 65), Howson, Beckford (Kishishev 84), Kandol.
Subs Not Used: Huntington, Constantine.

Monday, December 17, 2007

levelled at the end...

A last minute by Thompson helped Leeds to secure a point at Walsall...we looked doomed after a late goal *phew*...still in the play-offs...the gap is very near among the top teams...

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton (Howson 79), Douglas, Kishishev (Thompson 79), Westlake, Beckford, Constantine (Flo 69).
Subs Not Used: Lucas, Huntington.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Strengthen Play-offs position...

An awesome play...4-0 against Huddersfield at Elland Road...goals from Douglas, Beckford (2) and another from Flo...with the win, we have strengthen our play-offs position..5th now

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton, Kishishev (Howson 46), Douglas, Westlake, Beckford (Flo 83), Kandol (Carole 90).
Subs Not Used: Huntington, Thompson.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More from Venetian Macao

the bathroom...

the hall....

the bedroom...

the hall..nearer...

the bed...

back to winning ways...

Yes!!! after 2 consecutive defeats...we're back to winning ways..a 3-0 win at Elland Road against Port Vale...we're still in the play-offs, 5th place...goals from Prutton, Beckford and Flo...yes welcome back Tore Andre Flo...

Leeds: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton, Douglas, Kishishev (Howson 74), Westlake (Thompson 81), Beckford (Flo 67), Kandol.
Subs Not Used: Huntington, Carole.